Stairlifts aren’t just for inside your house. We want to give you your independence everywhere.


Imagine being able to leave your house, confident in the knowledge that you’re safe accessing your home both indoors and out. With a robust, durable outdoor stairlift, you can enjoy your outdoor living spaces!

  • Seat Made From UV-Resistant Plastic
  • Weather Resistant
  • Key Lock
  • Landing Controls
  • Operational All Year Long
  • 300LB Weight Capacity
  • Waterproof Removable Cover Included for added protection
  • Durable extruded aluminum track (other material options are available)
  • Removable Key for Added Security


These outdoor stairlifts are the safest and most comfortable out there.

Built With Your Safety in Mind

Your outdoor stairlift is a safe alternative to slippery, wet stairs all year round.

It is safer than a ramp and is more compact than a vertical platform lift. Since it is attached to your stairs and not the wall, installation takes less time. 

Another safety feature is that your outdoor stairlift has safety sensors, which could help prevent falls and injury.

Highly Durable

Your stairlift is built to withstand the elements and won’t age from being outside – it’s made from UV-resistant plastic so won’t fade. Its weight capacity is up to 300lbs, so it’s easy to carry items. 

Energy Efficient

An outdoor stairlift is no more expensive to run than an indoor ones, and are an investment for your future! 

Weather Resistant

Your outdoor stairlift will take you where you need to go all year round. The chair, motor, and battery are waterproof so they won’t get damaged in the rain, ice, or snow.

Easy to Use Joystick

To use your stairlift, push the joystick in the direction you want to go. It can be put on either armrest. Outdoor stairlifts also have swivel seats that make it easier to get on and off your chair safely and worry-free! 

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Simply put, because they are the best! With over 40 years in the industry, Stannah remains one of the best stairlift manufacturers. Stannah designs, engineers and manufactures their own stairlifts.

We know that they demand the highest quality and current technology.

We only want the best for our clients, and that is why we are proud to be an authorized Stannah dealer.

When you get a Stannah stairlift installed in your home, you know you are getting the highest quality, safest stairlift that will keep you safe and living in your home for years to come.

Stannah also has a lifetime warranty on the MOST EXPENSIVE parts of the lifts, the motor and the gearbox.

Smart Stairlift Installation Process

First we come and measure your stairs and listen to your thoughts and goals.  Then we order your high quality Stannah stairlift segments, custom made to fit your home.

  • Whether your stairs are steep, narrow, long or short
  • Whether they’re made of metal, wood, concrete or tile
  • If there are obstacles like a doorway or radiator on your stairs
  • Even if there isn’t a clear landing at the top or bottom of the stairs
  • If your stairs have a landing in the middle, stretch over different floors or are a spiral staircase
  • We can make a stairlift to fit your home.

Why Choose Power Mobility & Lifts?

  • We are factory trained by Stannah
  • We are Arizona Natives
  • More than 25 years of experience in the mobility business
  • We offer emergency service and repairs
  • Free in-home, email or phone consultations
  • 1- year service warranty
  • We offer a Buy-Back Policy on our stairlifts
  • We serve the entire state of Arizona
  • Next day installs on straight stairlifts
  • Easy financing with care credit
  • Rentals offered on Straight stairlifts
  • Free 1-year check-up ($200 value)

What is the cost of a stairlift?

The cost of a stairlift varies depending on a straight staircase or a curved staircase, it also can vary on the straight lifts depending on how many stairs there are.

Straight Stairlifts

  • A straight stairlift average cost is between $2,800 – $5,000.
  • We do offer refurbished and used stairlifts as well.
  • Short term needs may be met with a stairlift rental, the install and uninstall are included in the quote.
  • Can usually be installed the next day

Curved Stairlifts

  • Curved stairlifts costs vary from $8,500 – $20,000
  • The price for curved stairs are more expensive because they are 100% custom for your home only.
  • Every curve, the angle, and length of the stairs are all made, molded, and shaped to fit your home perfectly.
  • It takes 5-6 weeks from start to finish to have your custom stairlift installed.
  • Watch this video on how custom stairs are made:

We only offer Stannah stairlifts because they have the highest standards

They are built well, durable, the most reliable, and they have a lifetime warranty on the most expensive parts.

These are premium stairlifts and their reputation shows why they earn high ratings by customers as reported by Consumer Affairs. Stannah is rated a 4.8 out of 5 stars. View this information on Consumer Affairs by clicking here

We offer a lifetime warranty on the Gearbox and the Motor * Two-year warranty on all other parts. 1-Year on Service.

* Your stairlift should be serviced annually, as recommended by ASME A18.1, the American national safety standard for stairlifts. *To activate the lifetime motor/gearbox warranty you must register your Stannah stairlift within 30 days of installation. Use the post card provided, or visit www.stannah-stairlifts.com/register If not registered, the motor/gearbox warranty is five years from the date of installation

This warranty is provided by the company that sold you your Stannah stairlift. Warranty starts on the date of installation and does not cover repair or replacements necessitated by negligence, misuse, failure to properly maintain or service the stairlift as required, or any other reason beyond our control such as fire, water, theft etc. Warranty is not transferable.

We offer a Buy-Back Policy on all of our Stannah Stairlifts.

At Power Mobility and Lifts, we love being able to offer you the freedom and use of your entire home with the addition of a stairlift. We are only happy if you are satisfied and your needs are met. We want your decision to invest in a stairlift to be made with all of the facts and information while providing you the best and most reliable products.

If you do not find your answer here, please call or message us so that we can get you the information that you need. 480-471-8592

Q: How is the stairlift attached?
A: The stairlift is attached to the step or the tread of your stairs by a support bracket that holds the rail. (See photo)

Q: Can a stairlift be installed on all flooring?
A: Yes, the stairlift can be installed on most flooring options, including carpet, wood, hardwood, LVP, Vinyl, Steel, aluminum, tile, and marble (tile and marble require extra tools, hardware and installation time).

Q: Is a stairlift safe for pets and or children?
A: Yes, there are safety features/sensors  so that the lift will stop.

Q: Can other people and pets still use the stairs with a stairlift installed?
A: Yes,  the chair folds away neatly, and the rails take up very little room, even with more narrow stairs.

Q: How long does it take to get a stairlift installed from purchase to install?
A: If you need a straight stairlift or we are able to use two straight lifts on your home they can usually be installed the next day. If you need a custom stairlift, it usually take 3-6 weeks from the initial appointment to completed install.

Q: Can I get an estimate on a stairlift for a house that I want to buy?
A: Yes, we do this very often, we will work with a Realtor, contractor, attorney, POA, friend or a family member to get you an estimate. Please let us know when you contact us that you are on a timeline and we will expedite it for you.

Q: Is my house too complicated for a stairlift?
A: We can do stairlifts in tri-levels, two-stories, basements, and outdoors. It doesn’t matter if they are long, narrow, steep, or short stairs. It doesn’t matter if they are straight stairs, a landing in the middle, going around a corner, or spiral, we have seen it all.

Q: Will it block a doorway or a walkway?
A: No, there is a retractable rail that we can install so that it folds out of the way when not in use, it unfolds automatically when you want to use the stairlift, no lifting or bending required. This can be done at just the top or the bottom or both if needed.

Q: What if my stairs are really narrow?
A: We have the Sienna model that has a specifically designed curved back seat so that you sit further back in the chair. It is designed so that you do not knock your knees against anything in a narrow staircase. If you can stand on your staircase, we can usually fit a stairlift on it for you.

Q: What if my stairs are really steep?
A: We do not usually see this problem here in Arizona, if you feel like yours are really too steep, it is best to have one of our professional stairlift installers come out and they will measure every inch of your stairs/ staircase and they can let you know right then if  a stairlift is possible and probably even give you a quote for the best lift at the same time.

Q: What if my stairs are really long?
A: Although we haven’t ran into this in Arizona, even the longest stairs can usually have a stairlift installed on them. We would be happy to have a professionally trained stairlift installer come out to make sure and give you a quote.

Q: What if my stairs are really curvy, custom, or spiral?
A: As for curved stairs, we haven’t reached a limit yet! We do 100% custom for this exact reason.

Q: Can I rent a stairlift?
A: Yes, we rent stairlifts for any straight stairs. We will install, remove, and also provide free maintenance while the stairlift is in your home. We can help you decide what is more cost effective for you and your situation as far as renting vs buying the stairlift.

Q: Can I get a color that goes better with my style?
A: Yes, Stannah stairlifts are the most customizable lifts manufactured. We offer different options of upholstery, wood trimmed or untrimmed, and some colored rails as well. We know how important it is for your stairlift to blend in with your style and your life.

Q: What happens if there is a power outage?
A: There is no reason to worry, there is a battery backup that will take you up and down your stairs several times in the occurrence of a power outage. The battery is trickle- charged every time it is stopped for this very reason.

Q: I see cheaper stairlifts- What is the difference?
A: Stannah’s customer service, quality, reliability, safety, comfort, warranty, and buy-back program are unmatched in the USA. (Stannah is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by Consumer Affairs. View this information on Consumer Affairs by clicking here.)
A stairlift is something that you will use everyday and maybe even several times a day for many years. You will get the reliability and quality for your investment when you purchase a Stannah stairlift.


If a stairlift for a curved staircase is not the right option for your home, don’t worry. We also specialize in straight stairlifts and outdoor stairlifts. We can find a solution that will work with your home configuration. If you require marine-grade vinyl seating or weather-resistant materials that can handle rain, snow, and other conditions in your outdoor spaces, we have the right outdoor models for you.

For a free outdoor stairlift quote and financing options, call our number at (480) 471-8592 for the perfect solution. Whether you have an outdoor curved staircase or a curved stairlift built specifically for your needs, we have it all.

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