iRide Scooter

iRide Scooter

Journey far and wide with the iRide ™! This ultra-lightweight scooter is super portable and perfect for traveling. Equipped with both a manual hand brake and supplemental foot brake, the iRide scooter delivers a safe and comfortable ride!

✅ 250 lbs. weight capacity

✅ Up to 3.7 mph maximum speed

✅ 33.5″ turning radius

✅ 12.7 miles at 200 lbs.

✅ 10.3 miles at 250 lbs.

✅ Portable and easy to travel

✅ Supplemental foot brake

✅ Manual hand brake

✅ Digital LCD display

✅ Twist grip throttle

✅ Foldable tiller with adjustment knob

✅ Airline-safe lithium-ion battery pack

✅ Height adjustable removable seat

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