Should I look for a Mobility Scooter Hire, or Buy One?

Mobility Scooter Hire

The choice between renting mobility scooters or buying them depends on the circumstances. Purchasing a mobility scooter makes more sense if you have a permanent medical condition. Looking for a scooter rental makes more sense if you have a temporary medical condition, such as a fracture or sprain. However, the range of requirements for everyone that might need a mobility scooter widely varies. No single factor will determine if you need to rent mobility scooters or purchase them. Before choosing by looking for mobility scooters for rentwe share with you a few factors to help you decide.

A mobility scooter is a mobility device that has a sturdier build, can travel long distances, and is generally intended for versatility compared to an electric wheelchair. Being sturdier, a mobility scooter is a generally less portable than an electric wheelchair. A mobility scooter usually has a higher weight capacity, superior front and rear suspension, and a higher maximum speed than an electric wheelchair. A mobility scooter tends to be more expensive than an electric wheelchair, making the choice of what is the best mobility scooter to buy or looking for a mobility scooter rental a real choice for many people.

Should I look for Scooter Rentals, or Should I Buy Mobility Scooters?

Several factors will determine if you want to rent a mobility scooter or not.

The first consideration is the duration of your medical condition. As mentioned, if a temporary medical condition compromises your mobility, such as a sprain or a fracture, looking for mobility scooter rentals makes more sense. If your medical condition is permanent, while you want to maintain your active lifestyle, buying rather than rent scooters makes more sense.

The second consideration regarding whether to look for rental scooters or purchase one is cost. Though rental equipment generally costs less in the short term, two to three weeks of mobility scooter rental cost could be around one-fourth of the purchase price. Moreover, you also need to consider delivery fees for your equipment rentals, among other considerations. While purchasing one, you will only need to do it once. However, scooter rentals usually come with free accessories and other perks depending on the rental duration or type of mobility scooter selected.

The third consideration is where you will use the mobility scooter. When you need to transport a mobility scooter you already own, it is more practical if you rent one instead. Rather than walk for miles in a theme park, such as Disney World in Orlando, you may look at rentals in the Central Florida Area for a scooter rental. In some instances, you may consider a scooter rental in the cruise ship port upon embarkation or in a hotel if you want to enjoy the sights with some degree of independence. Most importantly, renting a mobility scooter will make sense if you need some degree of mobility in a destination where you will need some degree of walking around, say New York City.

The fourth considerations are the special instructions that come with renting mobility scooters. Companies won’t want you to return a broken mobility scooter. Even heavy-duty types will require some degree of caution when operating.

Which Mobility Scooter Rental Is Best?

If you decide to look for mobility scooter rentals, you will also need other considerations. Do they provide easy online reservations? Do they provide a battery charger? Is their reservation form easy to fill out without hidden provisions? Do they have options whether you want standard scooters or specialized models? Power Mobility & Lifts provide customers with great service with easy terms whether you need a mobility scooter for a short or a long time. We offer the widest selection of mobility scooters and easy payment options to make them affordable and accommodate your needs, even if you will use your mobility scooter for a long period. If you are looking for excellent service in Phoenix, Arizona, and surrounding cities when you want to rent a scooter, don’t worry! You can visit our store or contact us for more details about our mobility scooter rental services.

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