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With the passing of years, older adults often find the ability to walk up and down a staircase in their home can become compromised, if not impossible. In addition, while traversing stairs may still be possible with varying degrees of difficulty, the risk of a dangerous fall is to be avoided, especially if one lives alone.

At one time this challenge meant an individual had to forego using the stairs, or use them with great caution and care to avoid a tumble and its potentially catastrophic consequences. In many cases individuals had to move away from familiar surroundings into a new and unfamiliar residence which had no stairs.

“According the U.S. Census Bureau…Between 2012 and 2050, the United States will experience considerable growth in its older population. In 2050, the population aged 65 and over is projected to be 83.7 million, almost double its 2012 estimate.

The baby boomers are largely responsible for this increase in the older population, as they began turning 65 in 2011” – census.gov

Stairlifts Allow Baby Boomers To Stay in Their Homes

Today there is a solution to this challenge: a stair lift. Stairlifts and/or stair lifts, or stairway lifts, are medical equipment that attaches to a staircase, enabling the user to go up or down as needed.

These devices, like a power chair or home elevators, can allow the elderly, or consumers who have just gone from surgery first step to recovery, with limited mobility some range of independence. With safety features such as a seat belt, swivel seat, reasonable costs, and affordable financing options, the best model for mobility solutions are now attainable more than ever with a great deal of peace of mind and to make their life easier. For those who want a larger degree of independence better than wheelchairs can provide, especially for an open space, there are options such as mobility scooters available as well.

Stairlift manufacturers and companies make several different forms to best accommodate the requirements of the person or persons using them. A Straight Stairlift can be installed on most standard staircases running in a straight line or a straight staircase. Custom Stairlift installations are available for those requiring more customized solutions, like a curved stairway or even more unusual configurations.

You can have an indoor stair lift installed on interior stairs and all-weather outdoor stairlifts are available for porch stairs, and exterior stairways leading into the home. Best of all, the current designs can match the home’s décor.

For those individuals who benefit from a more sturdy unit, heavy-duty stairlifts that accommodate those who weigh more than 300 pounds are also available. Some stairlifts can be configured for outdoor stair use. In case of a power outage, many of these types are battery-operated.

The Valley of the Sun region,  made up by the Phoenix-Mesa-Scottsdale Metropolitan area, has been a top retirement destination for some time. Over the past several decades, Phoenix, AZ has become the 5th largest city in the U.S.

“Over the next 15 years, the average age of Arizona’s population will steadily rise. In fact, by 2020, one in four Arizonans will be over the age of 60.” –repository.asu.edu

Phoenix, AZ Stairlift Sales & Installation

If you need installing a new stair lift for your facility, our company, Power Mobility & Lifts is a dedicated team that offers both Stairlift Sales and Installation in Metro Phoenix for those who are seeking help in safely getting up or down their stairs. A free in-home consultation is encouraged to evaluate your specific situation. We also offer power chairs and scooter lift for vehicle among other products. Contact us today to discuss your needs and schedule a no-obligation evaluation.

Our factory-trained professionals will answer your questions. Aside from being authorized dealers of mobility and accessibility solutions for our customers, we also offer complete maintenance and repair services. Serving Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler, Goodyear, Tempe, Peoria, Surprise, Maricopa County, and Pinal County.

Stay in your home and regain your mobility and independence, safely and comfortably at a reasonable cost with quality customer service. For a free quote for stair lift prices and for other mobility and accessibility products, call our toll-free number or Contact us today!

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