Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooter

The compact design of the Go-Go Elite Traveller Scooter allows you to easily maneuver in tight spaces while providing stable outdoor performance. With a 300 lb. weight capacity, charger port in tiller, one-hand feather-touch disassembly and maximum speeds up to 4 mph make it easy to go where you want to go with the Go-Go Elite Traveller®. Choose from two battery types with a powerful 10.9 mile battery available.

✅ Feather-touch disassembly

✅ Pride’s exclusive black, non-scuffing tires

✅ Auto-connecting front to rear cable

✅ Includes sets of easily changeable colored panels – Red and Blue

✅ Front frame-mounted seat post offers maximum stability

✅ Modular design for serviceability

✅ Color options (Blue & Red) you can change color

✅ Battery options for more power

FDA Class II Medical Device*

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