Pride Jazzy Air 2 Elevating Power Wheelchair

Jazzy Air 2 Power Chair

The Jazzy Air® 2 power chair represents the future of personal mobility. With the capacity to elevate 12” in just 11 seconds, this advanced power chair brings together sleek design, sophisticated technology, and superior performance.

It offers users the ability to travel at speeds up to 4 mph, both when elevated and at ground level, and provides a remarkable travel range of up to 19.2 miles per charge. The Jazzy Air® 2 is not just about mobility—it’s about enhancing social engagement, personal comfort, and overall quality of life.
  • Elevates users to a height that facilitates face-to-face social engagement
  • Enables travel at speeds up to 4 mph, ensuring efficient transit
  • Provides an extended travel range, with up to 19.2 miles per charge
  • Features a fast rise function, adjusting seat height by 12” in 11 seconds

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