Luggie Elite Folding Scooter - Red

Luggie Elite Scooter

Experience superior mobility with the Luggie Elite Scooter, a high-performance mobility aid designed to bring comfort, convenience, and freedom to your doorstep. With a robust 4-pole motor and advanced braking components, this scooter offers unparalleled efficiency and a smooth ride.

This model goes above and beyond, providing upgrades such as a more substantial weight capacity of 320 lbs, a wider seat for comfort, extendable handlebars, a state-of-the-art LED dashboard display, and built-in armrests.

The Luggie Elite, like the Deluxe model, features an enhanced battery capacity, offering a range of 13 to 14 miles. Choose between stylish red and sleek black models.
  • Increased mobility with a robust and efficient ride
  • Enhanced comfort with a wider seat and adjustable handlebars
  • Extended range of 13 to 14 miles with a larger battery
  • Available in two stylish colors: red and black

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