Luggie Super Scooter

Luggie Super Scooter

The Luggie Super portable mobility scooter has the highest weight capacity of any Luggie Folding Scooter (360lbs) while still providing the same simple folding mechanism that makes Luggie Scooters the top-selling foldable travel scooter around the world. Complementing the larger weight capacity, the Luggie Super is equipped with a wider padded seat that is 17 inches deeper than the standard seat equipped on other models. It also features more legroom, wider handlebars that are equipped with a digital LED display, and a larger motor making this Luggie Travel Scooter the most comfortable and luxurious model available. The Luggie Super Folding Scooter has been approved by the FAA, FDA, and TSA so you can travel anywhere!

✅ Ships Free!

✅ Highest Weight Capacity of all Luggie Models (360lbs)

✅ Includes Wider Padded Chair with Armrests

✅ Includes Offboard Battery Charger – Charge your battery anywhere!

✅ Equipped with LED Battery Display

✅ Equipped with Reverse sensors and horn

✅ Available in 3 Different Colors

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