Tall Power Lift Recliner PR535T by Golden Technologies

Tall Power Lift Recliner Golden PR535T

The Golden PR535T is more than just a recliner, it’s a haven of relaxation and comfort with a modern touch. This tall power lift recliner from Golden has been thoughtfully upgraded to meet your most pressing needs. It comes with a new arm design layered with additional cushioning to enhance your comfort experience. The extended arms facilitate easy access while the unique back style promotes optimal comfort. Aesthetically pleasing, the chair sports a fresh seam design that brings a touch of elegance to your space. Plus, the signature seat from Golden offers unmatched support and comfort, ensuring that each moment spent on this chair is a pleasure.
  • Impeccable comfort with new arm and back design
  • Ease of access with extended arms
  • Aesthetic appeal with a fresh seam design
  • Signature seat ensures unmatched support

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