Harmar AL100 Universal Mobility Scooter Lift

AL 100 Universal Scooter Lift

Experience the pinnacle of convenience and mobility with the AL 100 Universal Scooter Lift, tailor-made for the modern adventurer! This outside scooter lift, exclusive to Arizona, is an invaluable addition to your vehicle, seamlessly fitting with a Class II Hitch or higher. Designed to accommodate any scooter, the AL100 negates the need for any modifications, boasting a unique hold-down foot for automatic securing. It’s more than a lift; it’s a fusion of effortless functionality and robust strength, easily handling up to a hefty 350-pound load.
  • Simplifies mobility with easy operation
  • Eliminates the need for scooter modifications
  • Promises durability with its 350-pound lifting capacity
  • Features an automatic hold-down foot for secure transportation

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