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Bruno Vehicle Scooter Lift

Available only in Arizona

The Bruno Vehicle Scooter Lift is an interior vehicle lift for scooters, wheelchairs, and power wheelchairs, and it offers affordable, light-capacity lifting! Simply press a button and the lifter will raise and stow a folding manual wheelchair, folding wheelchair, mobility scooter, or travel power chair into the trunk of your car. Manually guide the mobility device into place, and you’re ready to hit the road. Unlike a platform-style scooter lift, a hybrid lift, hitch lifts, most vehicle lifts, or wheelchair lifts, these hoist lifts are made to utilize your cargo space or the vehicle’s interior efficiently. Whether you have a pickup truck, a minivan, or a car, these scooter lifts are perfect for you.

✅ Works for manual wheelchair, travel scooter, or travel powerchair

✅ Keeps your mobility item safe in the trunk or the vehicle’s cargo area of your car or your truck bed

✅ Economical, hoist-style lift

✅ Can lift up to 200 lbs.

Power-saving and efficient. Connects with your car battery for power.

Compact size that can fit most rear cargo area of minivans and SUVs.

If you are looking for a compact hoist lift that can carry manual wheelchairs, mobility scooters, mobility device, or powerchair inside your car, minivan, or pickup truck, call us at (480) 471-8592 for availability, price, and special offers for the Bruno Vehicle Scooter Lift. We offer professional installation. For other options for vehicle lifts, inside lift, power chair lifts, scooter lifts, outside lifts, or heavy-duty options such as the out-rider for lifting any mobility device into your vehicle, we have the right solution for you on this website.

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