Pride Pursuit 2 4-Wheel Scooter

Pride Mobility Pursuit 2

Introducing the Pursuit 2 Scooter, a companion for your adventurous spirit, built to handle any terrain you confront. This robust mobility unit is crafted for those who aren’t content with just staying on the sidewalk. Lightweight yet durable, the Pursuit 2 scooter is as reliable as it is agile, offering a seamless blend of speed and endurance. The unit’s versatility ensures it can keep pace with both your everyday commutes and once-in-a-lifetime explorations, empowering you to enjoy every journey to the fullest. The Pursuit 2’s design embodies the spirit of the adventurous, breaking barriers, going the distance, and embracing fun.
  • Rapid yet efficient transport with top cruising speed and impressive endurance
  • Unyielding support and durability to withstand various terrains
  • Versatility to handle both daily commutes and adventurous detours
  • Bold design that mirrors the spirit of the user

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