10 Best Wheelchair Accessories – Must Have for Manual and Power Wheelchair Users

best wheelchair accessories

Increasing the quality of your life and gaining access to more places with ease is the main goal for wheelchair users. By adding accessories to your power or manual wheelchair, you can improve your comfort and safety while maintaining independence.

Read on and discover the best wheelchair accessories available on the market.

Wheelchair gloves are a fundamental accessory for both manual wheelchairs and power wheelchair users. More than just a pair of fingerless gloves, they are a protective layer for the hands, shielding them from dirt, blisters, and injuries due to repeated hand-to-wheel contact.

Particularly, manual wheelchair users can greatly benefit from these gloves as they often exert more effort in propelling their chairs. Offering added grip and comfort, wheelchair gloves are an essential accessory for enhancing mobility while providing an element of hand warmth during colder months.

2. Wheelchair Lap Trays

Wheelchair trays are beneficial additions to both manual and power wheelchairs, improving the user’s independence and flexibility. Acting as a portable workstation, a wheelchair tray allows users to eat, write, read, and perform other activities with great ease.

This wheelchair accessory also serves as a support structure for arms, reducing the strain on the shoulder and neck muscles. As part of mobility aids for wheelchair users, trays are vital in daily living, transforming the wheelchair into a more functional and convenient tool.

3. Wheelchair Cushions

Seat cushions are an indispensable accessory for wheelchair users, providing an extra layer of comfort and pressure relief. For manual and power wheelchairs, a good seat cushion can significantly improve posture, distribute weight evenly, and prevent pressure sores. A quality cushion can make a substantial difference in the user’s overall comfort and quality of life.

From foam to gel to air-filled, there is a wide range of wheelchair cushions available to meet the varying needs of users. A wheelchair cushion is more than just an essential accessory — it is a critical component in maintaining the well-being of wheelchair users.

4. Wheel Covers

Wheel covers are a practical accessory for wheelchair users looking for an easy way to keep their hands and surrounding areas clean. As the name suggests, these covers simply slip over the wheels of most wheelchair models, acting as a barrier against dirt, mud, and other outdoor elements that can get on the wheels.

This can be especially beneficial for manual wheelchair users who frequently have to touch the wheels to propel themselves. A good set of wheel covers provides a cleaner, more hygienic experience for all wheelchair users.

5. Adjustable Umbrella Holder

An adjustable umbrella holder is a crucial accessory for any mobility device, including both manual and power chairs. This accessory allows wheelchair users to attach an umbrella to their wheelchair, providing shade on sunny days and protection during unexpected rain showers.

The adjustable nature of these umbrella holders allows the user to position the umbrella at the most suitable angle, thus ensuring maximum coverage and comfort. It’s a simple yet effective way to enhance the mobility experience of wheelchair users.

6. Cup Holders

For wheelchair users, having a cup holder is a significant advantage. A cup holder provides a secure and easy-to-reach place to store a drink while on the go, preventing spills and freeing up the hands for other tasks.

Most cup holders are designed to be universal, meaning they can be easily attached to various wheelchair models. Whether you’re using a manual or power chair, a cup holder is a handy accessory that helps make daily tasks a little bit easier for wheelchair users.

7. Cell Phone Charger

Having a cell phone charger is a vital accessory if you are a wheelchair user. Whether you’re using social media, making important calls, or relying on your device for navigation purposes, maintaining a charged phone is essential. A wheelchair-attached charger gives the user easy access to a power source, ensuring that their device is always powered up when they need it.

8. LED Strips

LED strips enhance both the style and safety of manual and power wheelchairs. These lights can be easily attached to the wheelchair, providing better visibility during evening hours. They not only add an element of personal expression but also serve as an important safety feature, making the wheelchair user more noticeable in low-light conditions.

9. Push Handles

Push handles are a useful accessory, particularly for manual wheelchair users. They allow for an assistant to help propel the wheelchair, providing relief when climbing steep wheelchair ramps or traversing difficult terrains. The freewheel wheelchair attachment can also be used in conjunction with push handles to ensure smoother rides over uneven surfaces.

10. Wheelchair Bags

A storage bag is a practical and essential accessory for all wheelchair users. These bags provide easy access to storage space for personal items such as wallets, medications, and even water bottles.

Depending on the user’s body weight and preference, wheelchair bags can be attached to either the back or sides of both manual and power chairs. Many bags come with loop straps for secure attachment, and some are specifically designed for rigid chairs. Wheelchair bags not only enhance the functionality of the wheelchair but also provide a convenient solution for carrying personal items.

Key Takeaways

Get a better sense of your abilities when navigating the world in a wheelchair with these essential accessories. From wheel covers to adjustable umbrella holders, having the right mobility aids can make all the difference in increasing independence and comfort. With the right tools, you will be able to move around with greater ease and more confidence. Your quality of life will undoubtedly improve as a result.

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