Things To Look for in a Portable Power Wheelchair

portable power wheelchair

Some lightweight electric wheelchairs offset one of the biggest advantages manual wheelchairs have over power wheelchairs, provisions for easy travel. For lightweight power chairs to approach the portability of lightweight manual wheelchairs, they should tick the right boxes to fit the needs of users who demand them. Not only is a lightweight power wheelchair stowable in most car trunk sizes, but it should also be carried on plane flights. Not all motorized wheelchair designs can provide these. In most cases, only the best foldable power wheelchairs can provide transportability that can match the lightest manual wheelchairs available. As for the details a folding power wheelchair should have, here are the things you need to look for when selecting the suitable electric wheelchair optimized for travel:

The ideal portable power wheelchair should have the best features for portability without compromising most of the advantages provided by power wheelchairs to address the limited mobility of users. To cover most of the design requirements for electric wheelchairs while being optimized for transport, here are the things you need to look for in an ideal motorized wheelchair.

Low Total Weight

With a product weight of fewer than 70 lbs, electric wheelchairs may not need vehicle lifts to help stow them into a vehicle. Moreover, its low product weight, even with batteries, won’t cost much in luggage fees. Especially with the help of a companion, only minor assistance is required to help transport an electric wheelchair of this type.

Sufficient Weight Capacity

With a weight capacity exceeding 200 lbs., an electric wheelchair can carry most possible users. Once deployed, even compact electric wheelchairs should be as usable as most electric wheelchair types.

Comfortable to Use

With sufficient seat width, or a wide seat enough to accommodate larger users, a foldable electric wheelchair can provide users with more flexibility than most electric wheelchairs.


Most foldable electric wheelchair designs allow only power transmissions from the rear wheels. Mid-wheel drive designs can’t qualify for minimum dimensions once folded. However, having the drive systems on the rear wheel has the benefit of providing additional forward power. With lower seat heights and optimum wheelbase, even foldable wheelchairs can provide excellent stability even on uneven surfaces.

Customizable Design

Each user has unique requirements. For users with limited mobility, there are instances when a seat belt may be required. Many users would demand an oxygen tank holder, cup holder, and additional storage. Fortunately, the best power wheelchairs have back seat designs to accommodate provisions for holding an oxygen tank, pockets, and a seat belt. Armrests can provide space for a cup holder. Moreover, the space under the seat can also present opportunities to store more things.

A Powerful Motor

Though top speed is not an urgent requirement for a power wheelchair, a maximum speed of over 3.5 mph can enable the user to keep up with the pace of pedestrian traffic. With a powerful motor and rear wheels, these wheelchair types can be provided with sufficient heavy-duty hauling ability that matches most electric wheelchair designs.

Approved Battery Types

A lithium-ion air-safe travel battery is required if you carry your electric wheelchair with you. There are only specific types of batteries allowed to be carried in flight. However, for most air carriers, it is helpful to check with your airline if the battery provided with your electric wheelchair is allowed in flight.

Why The Jazzy Passport Folding Power Chair Is The Ideal Portable Power Wheelchair

The Jazzy Passport Folding Power Chair has everything you want in a foldable power wheelchair. With the following features, you can operate this wheelchair independently while enjoying its portability, giving you the freedom to go in more places than ever:

  • Weight Capacity of up to 250 lbs

  • A powerful motor that can run at a maximum speed of 3.6 mph

  • A turning radius of 24.25″.

  • A capable and efficient battery can help the power wheelchair run up to 11 miles on a charge.

  • A compact, lightweight design with a maximum product weight of fewer than 70 lbs (with battery)

  • An airline-friendly battery (check with your carrier before flying)

  • Back seat pockets that can carry a broad range of items.

  • Easy access to a free-wheel lever if the user opts for a companion to propel the wheelchair.

  • Specialty foam for the best comfort.

  • Super easy folding

  • A cup holder located opposite the joystick controls

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