Introducing the new generation of Power Wheelchairs, Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchairs.

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The increasing popularity of power wheelchairs has made it possible to enjoy greater independence and mobility. If you or your loved ones happen to be looking for a power wheelchair that offers the best in convenience and maneuverability, then Power Mobility’s Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair is a perfect choice.

The Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair is a cutting-edge mobility solution for individuals who require the use of a power wheelchair but also value portability and ease of travel. This ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber frame is specifically designed for individuals on the go.

The Jazzy® Carbon offers a variety of benefits, including a 300 lb weight capacity, a removable joystick for transporting with a built-in USB charger, an airline-compliant lithium battery, front suspension for a smooth ride, and a compact base that easily folds and unfolds for easy transport in just a few easy steps.

The chair also comes with a padded seat back with a storage pocket, a soft, removable seat cushion for all-day comfort, free-wheel levers to easily disengage the brake allowing this lightweight power chair to be pushed like a manual chair and an included under-seat storage, and adjustable lap belt. When folded the chair measures 28.3″x12.2″x24″ making it easy to store and transport.

Product Features

  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Removable joystick for transporting with built-in USB charger
  • Airline-compliant lithium battery**
  • Front suspension for a smooth ride
  • Ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber frame specifically designed for traveling
  • The compact base easily folds and unfolds for easy transport in a few easy steps
  • Padded seat back with storage pocket and soft, removable seat cushion for all-day comfort
  • Free-wheel levers easily disengage the brake allowing this lightweight power chair to be pushed like a manual chair
  • Included under-seat storage and adjustable lap belt
  • When folded 28.3″x12.2″x24″

Who This Mobility Solution is For

If happen to fall into one of the following groups, then the Jazzy Carbon Power Wheelchair is perfect for you:

Individuals Who Have Limited Mobility, or Are Prone to Fatigue

The Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair is an ideal solution for individuals who have limited mobility due to age, injury, or illness. The lightweight frame and maneuverability of the chair make it perfect for those who are prone to fatigue or just need a little extra help getting around.

Those Who Value Convenience and Portability

This is a perfect product for those who value convenience and portability. The chair easily folds and unfolds in just a few steps, making it easy to store and transport. Plus, with the built-in USB charger, you can always stay connected no matter where you are.

People Who Often Travel, or Plan To Do So

Not all wheelchairs are suitable for air travel. There are those that are too large or too heavy for air travel. Fortunately, the Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair comes with an airline-compliant lithium battery that makes it easy to take along on your travels without having to worry about extra charges or fees. Whether you are a businessman trying to get around a new city, or an elderly individual who wants to see the world, this wheelchair is perfectly designed for your needs.

People Who Have Medical Conditions

Another group that could benefit from the Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair is those with a medical condition. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or living with a chronic illness, this chair offers the perfect balance of convenience and mobility, which will give you an equal amount of independence and freedom.

Those Who Are Having Difficulty Walking

Suffering from a condition, injury, or surgery that has caused difficulty with walking can be a challenge. Having the right equipment to help you get around is essential and the Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair offers just that. All the features that come with it, such as the adjustable lap belt, free-wheel levers, and front suspension make it so much easier to maneuver around.

The Benefits of the Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair

Reduces the Need for Assistance

For those who have trouble getting around, the Jazzy® Carbon Power Wheelchair reduces the need for assistance. With it, you can go about your daily activities more easily and with more freedom.

Lightweight Frame for Easy Transport

The lightweight frame of this power wheelchair makes it easy to transport. Storage is also not a problem since it can be folded in just a few steps.

Gives Your Freedom as You Age

As you age, it can be hard to get around. But, with the help of a power wheelchair with features such as what Jazzy® Carbon offers, you can regain that sense of freedom without having to rely heavily on others.

Aids in Recovery After Surgery

Moving around after surgery or injury can be difficult. Not only it is risky to move around, but it also tires you out easily. This product helps you move around easily and comfortably, reducing the risk of further injuries due to over-exertion.

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