Mobility Scooter Vehicle Lift Comparison Guide


A scooter lift provides flexibility and portability for a manual wheelchair or an electric wheelchair without the need for disassembling or folding. Moreover, these provide unparalleled convenience for users because they don’t have to dismount their wheelchairs to get on board their vehicles. These scooter lifts or wheelchair lifts can fit a broad range of cars with enough cargo and seating space. The scooter lifts and wheelchair lifts available on our site have different approaches for carrying various types of mobility device. You may take your mobility device at the rear of your vehicle or provide direct access to your car’s interior without the rider dismounting from their wheelchair. Whether the vehicle types are mini vans, pickup truck, or compatible cars, these scooter lifts are worth a second look.

The AL100 Universal Scooter Lift is a platform-style scooter lift that can secure almost all types of mobility scooters without the need for scooter modifications, setting the standard for all platform lifts available on the market today. Moreover, the rider won’t need to dismount their mobility scooter, power wheelchair, or any mobility device, to gain access to their vehicles. Its lifting capacity is 350 lbs., an automatic hold-down foot, it offers a simple and straightforward operation. With a signature Stars-N-Stripes aluminum deck design that pays homage to our veterans, the deck can accommodate scooters with a wheelbase of up to 42″. Best of all, there is a swing-away option available.

AL 100 Universal Scooter Lift

If you are looking for an adjustable, lightweight, sleek-profile platform that maximizes visibility and usability, the AL015 can be a perfect scooter lift for you.

With adjustable cradles that can accommodate scooters that are 22″ wide and wheelbases from 26″ to 36″, the AL015 can accommodate three- or four-wheel scooters and are compatible with most smaller mobility scooters or electric wheelchairs. These are one of the most versatile and convenient vehicle lifts on the market today.

AL015 Profile Micro Scooter Lift

If you are looking for a wheelchair lift that is compatible with a pickup truck, or any vehicle while maintaining all your cargo and seating space, the Bruno Out-sider Power Lift can be perfect for you.

Whether you have manual folding wheelchairs or an unoccupied scooter, these power lifts are easily adaptable and can be transferred to another compatible vehicle. Its low-profile design can allow for an unimpeded view of the rear. For safety, it has a safety latch to prevent unintentional lift lowering and can accommodate any mobility device without modifications. To access your vehicle’s cargo area, the Bruno Out-Sider Power Lift has a “Swing-Away” option. For any out-rider or outside lifts, options available, you surely can’t lose.

Bruno Vehicle Scooter Lift

Suppose you are looking for affordable ways of carrying manual wheelchairs, power chairs, or other mobility products while preserving your cargo space. In that case, hoist lifts can be a perfect solution for you.

Being a scooter lift, the Bruno Vehicle Scooter Lift can also be a perfect wheelchair lift for any compatible vehicle. This hoist lift is an interior lift that can provide affordable light-capacity lifting. If you have a folding manual wheelchair, travel power chair, or a travel scooter, the Bruno Vehicle Scooter lift is a no-frills, straightforward solution for stowing these mobility devices. Best of all, it has a lifting capacity of 200 lbs.


Takeaways: For The Best Scooter Lifts and Wheelchair Lifts on the Market, Let Power Lift & Mobility Find Solutions for You

Power Lift & Mobility offers different types of scooter lifts that can satisfy a vast range of needs for our clients. Suppose you seek to carry around a folding wheelchair, or a power chair, easily or to carry a full-sized mobility scooter without the user dismounting. In that case, we have all the right solution available for you. Each type is an excellent space saver if you want to store your powerchair inside your vehicle for transport. We also offer professional installation for any compatible vehicle for our vehicle lifts. Some types can be for front door use, and some are compatible with cargo doors. Each of our vehicle lifts is power-efficient and won’t stress your car battery. For a free quote for scooter lift prices and other mobility and accessibility products such as stairlifts and power wheelchairs, call our toll-free number or Contact us today!

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