What is the Best Mobility Scooter to Buy

What is the Best Mobility Scooter to Buy

Before we answer the question, what is the best mobility scooter? Let us first answer what is a mobility scooter first. Mobility scooters are mobility devices designed for the physically challenged to gain more independence, especially for outdoor use. Mobility scooters, unlike electric wheelchairs, are optimized for versatility. Unlike an electric wheelchair, a mobility scooter usually has a sturdier build, higher weight capacity, and longer battery life, making it take on a broader range of conditions than any other mobility device. Many mobility scooters have features such as being heavy-duty mobility scooters, having a tight turning radius, and having a higher maximum speed than other models.

Which is the best mobility scooter? The answer depends on which mobility scooter can fit your specific need. Most scooters will probably cover most of your needs since all of these are durable medical equipment with long-range, outdoor usability, sturdiness, and safety features for users to operate without supervision. Most scooters have an adjustable seat, a USB charging port, front and rear lights, a storage basket, and anti-tip wheels. However, some users will opt for a higher maximum weight capacity model, while others will choose mobility scooters that can easily fit in a car trunk. There are some compromises if you want the best possible mobility scooter features you want. However, if you opt for a heavy-duty mobility scooter, there are mobility scooter hire options in major cities throughout the country. In Phoenix, PowerMobility has you covered! As to which is the very best, here are the mobility scooters guide according to what you need:

Heavy Duty Scooters

A heavy-duty scooter should have a weight capacity of 350 lbs or more. Moreover, these heavy-duty mobility scooters should be able to take on rougher surfaces and uneven terrain and have a longer driving range on a single charge. These usually come as four-wheel mobility scooters to maximize their stability. Since the users tend to be heavier, the best heavy-duty scooter should have a swivel seat to allow users to use them efficiently. The top-selling mobility scooters that tick all these boxes are:

a. The Pride Zero Turn 10 ZT10 Outdoor Terrain Mobility Scooter with its proprietary “zero-turn” technology provides it with the same maneuverability as a 3-wheel mobility scooter. It has a carrying capacity of 400 lbs with a ground clearance of 2″. If you are looking for a heavy-duty mobility scooter that maxes out in capability, providing a smooth ride and weight capacity, this is your choice.

Pride Zero Turn 10 ZT10 4 Wheel Scooter

b. The Pride Zero Turn 8 has a smaller footprint, and easier disassembly yet has a carrying capacity of up to 325 lbs. Though classified as a heavy-duty mobility scooter, it has all the features found in most mobility scooters, with a turning radius that keeps up with 3-wheel mobility scooters.

Pride Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel Scooter

c. If you are looking for the best driving range for heavy-duty mobility scooters, The Revo® 2.0 has the versatility, stability, and robustness of a heavy-duty scooter while having a driving range of up to 17.8 miles per charge while carrying a user weighing 200 lbs. For a user weighing 400 lbs, it can run up to 12.4 miles on a single charge while running up to 5 miles per hour.

Pride Zero Turn 8 4-Wheel Scooter

d. If you are looking for maximum value for heavy-duty mobility scooters, you can try the Victory® 10.2 four-wheel scooter. It has a carrying capacity of 400 lbs and has all the features of a heavy mobility scooter with a smaller footprint and lighter construction and disassembly for easy transport.

Revo 2.0 4 Wheel Scooter

Three Wheel Scooters

Three-wheel scooters are optimized for compactness while having a sufficient carrying capacity for most possible users of up to 300 lbs. They have generally better maneuverability with their three flat-free tires and are better for indoor use because of their smaller footprint. Other features are reclining seats and tillers to allow for ergonomic use.

a. Go-go Elite Traveller Scooter: With a light construction yet a high carrying capacity of up to 300 lbs, the Go-go Elite Traveller Scooter can take on more areas than most larger scooters. It has a sufficiently long driving range of up to 10.9 miles on a single charge and makes it easy for users to go to most places with speeds of up to 4 miles per hour.


b. If you are looking for speed, the Pride Raptor 3-wheel scooter is something worth your attention. With a carrying capacity of 400 lbs, a top speed of 14 miles per hour, a long range of 19 miles per charge at 400 lbs, and a staggering 31 miles per charge at 220 lbs, it gives users a more accessible range, especially for smooth surfaces. However, it is not marketed to address a medical need, nor has flat-free tires. Its footprint isn’t too large either for most indoor use.

Pride Raptor 3 Wheel Scooter

c. If you want a modern look for your 3-wheel scooters, the Go-Go® LX with CTS Suspension 3-Wheel Features has a sufficient carrying capacity of 300 lbs, a maximum speed of 4.4 miles per hour, a driving range of 6 miles per charge, while having a feather-touch disassembly for easy transport. Its delta tillers are engineered for most users to use these mobility scooters for easy steering.

Go-Go LX CTS Suspension Portable Mobility Scooter

d. For exceptional value for a portable mobility scooter, the Go-Go® ES2 3-Wheel offers features that most powered scooter types have, such as sufficient carrying capacity and a low base weight in a very affordable package. This three-wheel scooter has it all. No wonder it is one of the top mobility scooters available. However, don’t let its affordable price deceive you. It offers a comfortable ride and is surprisingly stable. If there is one that can qualify as a free mobility scooter because of its exceptional value, the Go-Go® ES2 3-Wheel satisfies all the requirements.

Go-Go ES 2 3-Wheel Compact Mobility Scooter

Travel Scooters or Foldable Scooters

Suppose you want to own a travel scooter yet must fly out to different cities often. In that case, foldable scooters give you an excellent choice to extend your mobility in more imaginable places. These smaller scooters have the added advantage of being usable indoors, making them more versatile than an electric wheelchair while giving the versatility that only mobility scooters can provide.

a. The Go-go Folding Scooter 4-wheel is a choice if you want stability. Being a 4-wheel scooter, it has exceptional stability for a folding scooter. It has a unique folding design and easy-to-access levers to fold the entire scooter in seconds. Best of all, it is an FDA Class II medical device.

Cheap Mobility Scooters

b. The Buzzaround CarryOn Scooter has a compact construction while having an armrest included for maximum comfort. It has a surprisingly heavy carrying capacity and long-range. You can opt to disassemble or fold these travel scooters to fit even smaller cargo spaces in any vehicle. With a vertical height of just 12 inches when folded, you wouldn’t think this is a mobility scooter!

Buzzaround CarryOn Scooter

c. If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight travel scooter, the iRide Scooter features are worth your attention. Being a three-wheeled scooter with a tight turning radius, you can use this indoors with tight spaces yet versatile enough for outdoor use. With a total weight of 46.5 lbs with airline-safe lithium-ion batteries and with easy folding and disassembly for compact storage, you can carry this in the trunk of most cars and satisfy check-in luggage requirements for most airlines than most other scooters.

lightest mobility scooter

d. The Luggie Super Scooter features a high weight capacity while providing portability for Luggie mobility scooters. It has a wide seat, low carrying weight, a surprisingly long driving distance, and a forward speed of 4 miles per hour. Aside from being an excellent travel scooter, it can also qualify as an HD scooter for indoor use and most outdoor spaces. This travel scooter has been approved by the FDA, TSA, and FAA for airline travel.

Luggie Super Scooter

Takeaways: For the Best Value and Avalability of the Best-Selling Mobility Scooters, Call Us!

Aside from the options mentioned in this article, we have more travel scooters that can fit your specific need for the best mobility. The best mobility scooters available on our site are made by Pride Mobility and Luggie, among other manufacturers of quality mobility scooters. Aside from selling mobility scooters, we also have mobility scooters for rent. If you have trouble walking long distances or want to watch your grandchildren’s Little League game, we have the right scooter for your needs. For inquiries and availability of our mobility scooter stocks, visit the mobility scooter store page, or contact us. You can also call us now to learn more about our mobility solutions at (480) 471-8592.

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